Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OHIO - Please Help This Dog!

This poor dog is in Youngstown, Ohio, and he needs help.  

This emaciated Jack Russell Terrier dog came in as a stray in Youngstown, Ohio, and there is no background information.

If interested please contact by phone @ 330-740-2205 EXT 2 to adopt this dog and save a life.  

Look at those eyes.  All this dog needs is food .... and a chance.   

What it doesn't have is time.  Call now.

Pay it forward this Thanksgiving by making a call or, at the very least, sending this post to everyone you know in the greater Youngstown area (which includes Pittsburgh and Akron).  Thanks!


YesBiscuit! said...

Looks like the poor dear tried to make a bed for himself out of newspaper. Don't they have a dog sweater or at least a blanket/towel for him? I hope it's sufficiently warm wherever he's being housed. Those stainless steel cages can get very cold if kept in a cold room and this dog has insufficient body fat.

seeker said...

Welcome to the world of rescue. This is unfortunately not an uncommon sight. Please someone give this poor little one a safe, warm place in a forever home. And if you can only donate money, send it to your local no kill shelter, not a national organization.
There's a special place in hell for the people who do these things to animals...right along side of Michael Vick.
You should see what they do to horses.

Debi and the sad TX JRTs

Julie said...

Any news on the poor little soul?
Surley someone can help !

Julie, to far away to do anything (UK)

Viatecio said...

Unfortunately cannot take in a dog, but will donate to his cause. Local cases are always that much more painful: they're so close, but things are just at a point right now where I cannot care for my own dog. Plus, my parents won't let me bring one home...they set the limit at 1, and Mal's it.

-Lynn in OH, unable to do much other than donate... :(

PBurns said...

I hope folks will pass on this post to others they know in Ohio.

The more noise and the more eyes, the more hope.


seeker said...

I forwarded this to my contacts at Russell Rescue. It's too far for us (I think) but maybe the ladies can work their magic.

Debi and the hopeful TX JRTs

Doreen said...

With your permission, I would like to share this on my blog.

Doggies and Stuff

PBurns said...

YES Please!

Let's find this one a home. Look at those eyes -- there is a great thing inside here. Let's put her in the company of love and food and watch it bloom!


The Dog House said...

If someone could get her to Ontario I may be able to do something. What's her time like?

Ruth Hansell said...

I live in CA, but have a friend in Ohio who can pull this guy. She's going out of town over the weekend, and he'll need to have another place to go.

Dog House, I have no idea which Ontario you're in - close to Ohio? In Canada? If you're close, then pls email me at organize @, (take the spaces out) and I'll give you Vicki's email. She's an experienced rescuer, and he'll be in good hands.

Thanks, Patrick, for posting this. Can't get this guy out of my mind.


The Dog House said...

Ugh, sorry but we just pulled in a local chihuahua in the same condition except she just gave birth. :O(

I'm in Ontario, Canada, about an hour and a bit from the border crossing through Niagara Falls.

Biggest trouble I have is I don't drive and I have no passport. Used to bring over vans full of dogs with nothing but an expired drivers licence (which I was never asked for once) and now I can't get over without a passport.

Just out of curiosity, is that Vicky in Scioto?

Ruth Hansell said...

Sorry, Dog House, it's not that Vickie. She's within reasonable driving distance of Youngstown, but doesn't live there.

We're members of a Border Collie board, Vicki can keep the dog for a couple weeks, (I misremembered in my earlier post). She'll log in tonight and post. Maybe after Thanksgiving someone in JRT rescue will step up. Let's send this boy some good vibes!

PBurns said...

The dog has disappeared from the web site of the County shelter, so I am hoping it has been adopted. Will try to check in the morning if anyone is there to answer the phone on Thanksgiving!

Kelly665 said...

What's the news on the little girl? She looks just like my little Nicki I rescued three years ago from a county shelter in California. I am waiting to hear good news!

Kelly from Cali

PBurns said...

Good News! He was adopted out. Will post a note on that this am. THANKS everyone. Please send folks to Petfinder and other rescues when folks are looking for pets!