Saturday, November 27, 2010

Never Give a Dog For Christmas

But cats are OK.

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The Dog House said...

One of the saddest Christmas rescues I ever picked up was a half starved, seriously dehydrated kitten delivered to Animal Control the day after boxing day covered in its own urine and feces - and still in the box it was gifted in two days before.

The woman was wearing a full length fur coat and was absolutely appalled that anyone would think that she would ever want such a thing running around her house. Of course, that level of society being what it is, she failed to mention this, had the staff set the box aside, where it stayed until AC opened again for business after being closed for two days Chrismas holiday.

Kitten couldn't have been more than 4-5 weeks old, and could not have been cuter. Thankfully, finding the little guy a home was simple. Thankfully, she brought him in just in time (we had to administer a lot of fluids for such a small cat) and didn't just chuck him out with the rest of the Christmas garbage - but the whole thing surely reaffirmed my NO PETS at Christmas rule.