Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Good Morning California!

Prior to the election, one of my Republican friends in California, who is a reader of this blog, shot me a note to say:

Reid is disturbed and needs to go home to the Nevada desert.

My reply was to ask what specifically he found disturbing about Harry Reid.

Reid's voting record is easy to find.

What has HE done that YOU object to and that has made Nevada (where you do not live) a proverbial Hell Hole?

Think about it for a minute, eh?

Is it really shocking to you that after the collapse of the banks under Bush, the collapse of the housing market under Bush, the collapse of the Stock Market under Bush, and the lost of $60 billion when the SEC did not investigate Madoff (to say nothing of two unnecessary wars), that a state economy based on GAMBLING AND WHORES is not exactly thriving?

When times are tough, poker games, slot machines and hookers might not be a priority for America's families.

Just saying......

I didn't get an answer back about what specifically Harry Reid had done wrong -- just more generalized anti-Obama vitriol, which is always a cheap commodity (I have three cases of it in the garage).

In closing, however, my friend promised to gloat about the election returns in the very near future:

Lets exchange barbs after the November tally comes in, if you are able to recover from the results. :)

Well, I have to say I did not stay up for the election results, but I did get up early enough, as I generally do.  After looking over the results, I shot a quick note to my friend in California:

So Nancy Pelosi was re-elected, Senator Boxer is now your Queen, Governor Jerry Brown is your King, and Harry Reid is not only the Senator for Nevada, he is still majority leader in the Senate.

You may take your victory lap!

The Tea Party loons in Delaware and Alaska lost, as well as the guy who liked to dress up in Nazi gear.

Andrew Cuomo is Governor of New York.

Yes, you can celebrate that Rand Paul won in Kentucky. We can all thank Aqua Buddha, the Kitchen God of comedy, for that.

In Rhode Island, they elected the fourth openly Gay member of Congress (the closeted ones are all in the GOP).

The House DID change hands, so that's a victory for your side, but the House always changes hands in a midterm election like this, so the news value here is somewhat diminished.

We now get to see how quickly the GOP can impress the American people with a Majority Leader who has the same skin color as Bert and Ernie. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm no racist!

And I have to say that I found it nice that in his little victory speech John Boehner broke down like a young girl nominated for homecoming queen. The leaders of Russia, North Korea, China, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan are no doubt very happy that we finally have a House leader in touch with his (or her) feminine side.

All good. The nation is still strong, so let us carry on!

You see? There is no need for uncivil discourse.   In the end, we are all Americans, as glorious and as sad as that can be at times. 

And speaking of sad (in a comical kind of way, of course), did you know that a dead Democratic candidate in California beat her living Republican challenger?  True!)

And there are even some election returns that might be of interest to the dog and hunting communities.

  • In Missouri, Proposition B (which this blog supported) passed. The new puppy protection act act would take effect in a year, and require anyone who has more than 10 breeding dogs to meet certain standards for housing, food and veterinary care. Stacked cages and wire flooring would be prohibited. Owners would be limited to no more than 50 breeding dogs (about 200 puppies a year assuming 50 bitches are bred once a year, and have 4-puppy litters, on average).  Missouri is, far and away, the biggest supplier of puppy mill dogs in the nation.
  • In Tennessee, Arkankas and South Carolina, voters said yes to a state constitutional right to hunt and fish -- another law this blog supported.  An amendment in Arizona was defeated, apparently because hunting and fishing are so deeply engrained in the culture of that state that no one felt there was any real threat. All good there too, apparently.
Bottom line:  stay calm and carry on.

Not quite a nation of amnesiacs... but pretty damn close!.


Meryl said...

Kansas also passed a constitutional amendment specifically protecting the right to bear arms as it applies to hunting and fishing (among other things). I have to confess--maybe just like most Arizonians--I didn't really understand the motivation behind it, because no one in this state would ever seriously challenge that.

Marie said...

I fully expecting the buffoons in the House to overplay their hand and start impeachment proceeding against Obama. Nothing like wasting taxpayers money, they're so good at it. Perhaps all the birthers can start an investigation on the President's apparently (to them) sketchy Hawaiian birth certificate. Always looking to do "the peoples' business" - it will be business as usual just a bit crazier.

grapfhics said...

How come I never saw this before today, the day after.
Oh, for the morning after pill.

dp said...

I agree with you entirely except for Proposition B. I think all dog breeders have to stick together agains the ARs.

All the people I voted for in NYC were elected with a large majority. I am afraid that Obama has himself to blame for a lot of the losses.

PBurns said...

dp you are in dogs for the wrong reason.

I do not know you but I know this.

And how do I know this?

Because you call yourself a dog breeder.

You do not identify yourself as a dog owner, or a dog trainer, or a hunter, or a herder, or someone who does agility or flyball.

You identify yourself as a dog breeder -- the thing that takes NO skill (anyone can breed two dogs and they frequently do), that takes the least amount of committment, and which is actually not about what the dog needs or wants at all.

As for the "AR" crowd, that line does not work with me because I actualy hunt. And I know that no one who really hunts fears PeTA or anyone else, and we have nothing in common with dog breeders that are not living up to their responsibilities to the dogs. Real hunters and real dog men and women have no time for breeders who clang the "AR" bell as a distraction and excuse for their failures to their canine charges. Most are little more than pretenders and fantasy fakes who wrap themselves in the "anit-AR mantle" to act as if there was some higher purpose to their actions than ego and cash, ribbons and sales.

Do you fit this mold? I do not know. But if you don't, then you need to figure out what the proper relationship with your dogs is, and being "a breeder" isn't it. And if you are scared of the "AR" community, then you do not hunt and are either creating a fantasy fear to create self-importance or you are parroting what someone else has said on a board or list-serv... or worse. Here's a simple fact: America's woods, right now are loaded with hunters and dog men and women, and there is not a single Animal Rights activist out in the field. And guess what? There's not a single person who identifies themselves as a "dog breeder" either.


Bartimaeus said...

The amendment in Arizona was defeated because it took wildlife management decisions away from the wildlife biologists in the Game and Fish department and gave all the power to the state legislature. That amendment and several other propositions that were basically political money/power grabs were defeated. The right to hunt is already well enshrined in Arizona, and I think the defeat of that proposition reflected distrust of politicians more than anything else.

Jenn said...

I wish I could figure out how to make all that vitriol power my car. There certainly seems to be enough of it, no?