Friday, November 19, 2010

A Christmas Puppy I Can Recommend

It's almost Thanksgiving, which means you're going to hear a lot of people warn (quite correctly) that "a puppy is for LIFE not just for Christmas."

Agreed.... with one small exception.... the "Emotional Response Puppy" from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Yes, Hammacher Schlemmer -- the toy catalogue for rich folks.

There, for the modest sum of $99.95, you can buy The Emotional Response Puppy:

This is the plush puppy that mimics a real canine's behavior when it feels a child's touch or hears a sound. Beneath the puppy's soft, furry coat are sensors in its paws, head, and back that, along with a built-in microphone, trigger lifelike canine responses when it is patted, tickled, or hugged. Depending on how it perceives the touch or sound, it opens its mouth while panting or barking, wiggles its ears, blinks its eyes, or enthusiastically wags its tail (Play Video). The puppy's actions are accompanied by any of 18 lifelike sounds, from a playful bark or a peevish grumble to a curious snuffle or a forlorn whimper. When ignored for several minutes, it takes a snore-emitting nap, sleeping soundly until a touch or noise rouses it. Poseable front legs let it sit or lie down. Includes 4 C batteries. Ages 6 and up. 18 3/4" H x 10" W x 18 1/2" D. (3 lbs.)

A perfect solution for a lot of people, and for a wide variety lot of reasons.   

So spread the word, and tell folks not to delay! 

Oh, and the breed?   Bella (pictured) is a Portugese Water Dog puppy, and there appears to be a Golden Retriever puppy available by the name of "Buddy."  

No inbreeding or health problems with these ones, though -- just replace the batteries once in a while!


seeker said...

They should make human babies like this for people who don't want to bother to feed, raise, or discipline real babies. Maybe there would be less child abuse in the world too.

But then, I think all dogs, horses and people should have to be tested before breeding anyway.

Debi and the neutered TX JRTs

√Čadaoin said...

@Debi - they do make baby doll simulators like that now. One company that produces them is called Realityworks, the brand name of their simulator is "Baby Think It Over".

They've been using them for these wayward teens who think they're ready for parenthood. They give them this doll that cries, has to be fed, changed, rocked etc etc etc, and it even has a sensitive neck like a human baby so you need to support the head. At the end of it all they take the chip out of the doll and it'll give details of (basically) how much neglect or rough treatment the doll has had. Apparently there are also Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drug-affected models for these dolls. For trying to slap some sense into the extra-wayward!

Great idea, if only the uptake was universal!

PBurns said...

Great stuff √Čadaoin!

And those babies look pretty darn real.


Nancy said...

I hope there's a terrier version in the wings, although it will require considerable reprogramming of the "18 realistic sounds" and movements. Let's see; they'll need several variants on snarls, a vigorous - and unstoppable - digging motion, and of course the ear-splitting shriek.