Friday, October 22, 2010

Talk to the Monkey

Jeezus, please stop!

This morning some payola pusher sent me this one:

I work for an online seller of outdoor/hunting gear and equipment that is trying to get more exposure online. I recently stumbled onto your blog and was curious if there is a possibility of getting a text link on your site. If you could help us out, we would be willing to send some cash to your Paypal account.

Please let me know your thoughts.

My thoughts are that I want at least $1 million to sell my soul.

My thoughts are that that no one with a credible service or decent product does business this way.

That is all.


Sean said...

I think you can ethically do it. Simply add a "Paid Links" or "Paid Ads" section to the blog. This is a useful site. I hunt birds and have never operated a deben collar, but I enjoy the blog. You aggregate a hell of a lot of eyeballs. That is worth something. So long as you disclose the relationship with the link, I see nothing unethical about you being compensated for your work.

sfox said...

I never click on ad links anyway, so I'd say Sean's idea is a good one.

PBurns said...

No ads, not payoloa, ever, and not under any circumstances.

Go down this road, and you're kidding yourself. Its like going to a titty bar because you say you like the food, or to the barbershop because you say you like to read the magazines. Do it long enough, and you'll get a hair cut and lap dance whether you pay for it or not.

Here's a simple idea: Decided YOUR OWN VALUES and live by them.

My values are absolute honest and absolute fidelity and absolute sobriety.

They do not have to be anyone elses; they are simply mine, and I have learned to like them.

They are who I am.

My values are not decided by other people, and certainly not by other people who slip me money for PayPal Payola. It really is that simple.