Thursday, October 28, 2010


Jan D. with two fine-looking little pups coming to America from Belgium.  The bitch is on the left, the dog is on the right.  Another dog is going back to Europe, so it's not all a one-way trip.


Seahorse said...

And who are the lucky new puppy owners? Congrats, whoever you are!

Seahorse :)

Seahorse said...

I heard Jan was at Nationals, too. The comment came up because a dog owned by a friend of mine has the same sire as Gideon, Hustler, and I think Jan bred Hustler?


PBurns said...

Yes, Jan was at Nationals and he did indeed breed Hustler, though in his defense it was very dark and he was very drunk..... I kid, I kid!!!



Seahorse said...

Where's that ten-foot pole I keep around here? Not touching that, LOL.

Seahorse ;)