Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gideon Takes a Short Outing to a Farm

I took Mountain and Gideon to a small farm to see how Gideon would do off-lead, and if he'd be interested in exploring a few settes.

It was a drizzly day, but only projected to hit 88 degreess which counts for cool after the suffocating heat of the last two months.

Gideon was terrific off leash -- he stayed with me and was interested in what Mountain was up to, but not to the extent that he forgot I was his first charge. Perfect.

We busted a Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret in the creek bed; I always enjoy seeing these large birds take flight.

We hit a lot of holes, but Mountain never opened up except for one sette underneath a massive hollow tree (top picture) which cannot be dug and where the groundhog always escapes by climbing up inside the tree. Some places really are fortresses.

All in all a good, if blank, day. We were only out for a couple of hours. Next week, if it's cool, we'll get in some real hunting.

Gideon listens to Mountain inside trunk.

Gideon slides in to check a sette.

Another blank hole. The plastic pipe at left protects a newly planted tree from deer damage.

Gideon checks another sette hoping to find.

Where are the groundhogs?


Doug said...

Excellent. Can't wait to hear about real hunting.

seeker said...

Good job for both teacher Mountain and pupil Gideon.

Do they 'talk' much when hunting like this or only when they find something to bay?

On our walk the other day, Bridget (my feral girl) found a burrow and dearly wanted to go down it. Unfortunately it's on private land and near a very busy highway. And I wouldn't know what to do either way. I guess I need to quit reading them your blog and letting them listen to your vids. Sometimes I think our walks tease them more than help them, but its better than just being in the back yard.

Debi and the envious Texas JRTs.

PBurns said...

Mountain, Pearl and Sailor have all been dead silent until they find and get right on it. If they bark, it's a sign something is believed to be there. If they bay, they can smell breath or butt.


Jonathan Setter said...

He's looking a bit leaner since the first photos. Real smart.

The Dog House said...

I have something to admit, Patrick - I'm jealous of your latest family member. What a handsome boy that is you have there. And if he's half as smart as his face suggests then you'll teach each other great things.

He really does have quite a face. If ever there is a JRT themed product released in the future Gideon needs to be the public figurehead.

He looks quite thoughtful... which in my experience is more of a female quality (I'm discussing dogs ONLY here before someone jumps me... lol). How is his personality so far?

I just can't wait to see the photos of Gideon's first successful hunt. Congrats on a great choice, Patrick.

PBurns said...

I have to say I am very fond of Gideon, as is everyone who meets him. He is a huge hit at coffee, and he is very relaxed and mellow, but gets up on his toes when he thinks there's something to ground. Hard to beat the combination so far!!


Seahorse said...

"At coffee"? A pooch-friendly coffee shop?


PBurns said...

Not in this country, LOL!

They let him at the tables outside though. The store next door sell upscale dpg treats.


Seahorse said...

Well...I was hoping you'd found one! All my European friends are astonished that they can't take their dogs everywhere here like they can at home. I have mixed feelings about where pets should be allowed, but have already found that it's pretty hard to make my usual rounds with my new pooch without difficulties in where she's welcome.

The web site for the dog bakery is very nice. I'm amazed there is enough business to have two Arlington locations, but I think people are more spendy on their pets than I imagine!