Monday, August 23, 2010

Dirty Dogs are Happy Dogs

You can tell this is Mountain from the black spot on her tail.

Just the tip of her nose here. She's exiting dark ugly stuff along a railroad embankment. To come out head first, you first have to turn around underground. Not always easy!

Mountain exits another pipe sideways.

Happy dogs play dirty!



Seahorse said...

Looks like a fun day for the dogs! I'll cop to being stoopid, but why does a dog have to turn around underground to exit head-first?


PBurns said...

A dog doesn't have to, but if it can, it generally will.

Remember, everything is pitch dark underground, and everything is done by feel and smell and ear. All of the sensory equipment on a dog is on the front end!


Seahorse said...

Well, shows what I know (not much!). I was thinking the dog would go in one end and exit out the other all headed, well, by the head. Or, pull the quarry out while backing up and out. I know settes can have incredible intricacies of design, but I sure need to learn a lot about how the dogs actually work them!