Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not All Dog Tags Are Created Equal

Most people know I am a hard sell.

Neither this blog nor the main web site take ads of any kind, and I do not endorse products unless I use them and I like them.

Which brings me to Boomerang Slide Tags. They are the best.

I have just ordered three new slide tags with matching red collars for the dogs. Yes, it looks like the new dog is coming in the next week -- a Jack Russell. No, I am not going to talk any more about that yet -- let's not jinx it, eh? But yes, I am a bit excited!

Back to Boomerang Slide Tags. . . .

They do not dangle and they do not wear out. They go on single-thickness flat collars (leather or nylon) or snap-clip adjustable nylon collars, or double-thick flat collars, depending on what version you order.

You can order just the slide tag, or you can order a slide-tag-and-collar set. The snap collars, for the record are first rate. You cannot go wrong ordering a collar-and-slide tag set.

The slide tags do not come off. They stay where you put them, and the stainless steel engraving is deep and does not wear off.

I have slide tags on six sets of collars for the dogs (including my locator collars), and also a slide tag on my son's Pitbull, as well as a small slide tag on my house and car keys (because people will return your keys if you give them a phone number to help them out).

Remember that a microchip in your pet is a secondary form of identification.

Your dog's primary ID should be a solid collar and a slide tag that is easy to read and will not come off.

No tag is better than a slide tag. None.

My small collar tags have my web site URL ( as well as my home and cell phone numbers, and the County and State in which I live. My larger collar tags also have my street address on them, and my email address too.

Boomerang Slide Collar Tags come with a simple guarantee:

We guarantee our CollarTags™ to last the life of the pet they are purchased for. If the text ever wears off or becomes illegible, or the tag falls off the collar, the tag will be replaced free of charge. There will not be any "bogus" shipping or handling charges to get your replacement tag either.

Enough said. They take credit card and PayPal, and they ship 'em out to you fast. What are you waiting for??

You and your dog deserve the best of something, and this is the best there is in the all-important arena of pet identification.

This is an endorsement you cannot buy. This one was earned.


Mongoose said...

I'm gonna look into it. On the other hand though, my dog's tag clicks when she walks, so that I can hear it from quite a ways. It's helpful when I'm looking for her. A slide tag wouldn't make any sound.

Kim said...

YES!! I have had these tags for my dogs for at least 8 years, and can not say enough about them, they are great!!
The one downside is that you have to LOOK at the collar to find the tag, and around here I've found that some people just aren't quite that with-it, if there isn't a tag hanging off they assume there isn't a tag. But the ONE time my dog got loose and I was unaware of it, the lady a few doors down did grab her and found the Collar Tag and called me and actually brought her home! Highly recommend them!

If you use a nylon collar with a plastic buckle, the split Collar Tags work just the same as the slide ones, and as long as you've bought the correct size (ie a 1" hole to fit on a 1" width collar)- they're a bit difficult to get on, but WON'T come off! Buy one for every collar!

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Sean said...

I dislike the idea of putting the dogs name on the tag. I put REWARD very large so that even a knucklehead might return the dog. The dog's name is important to controlling the dog, especially a valuable hunting dog. Don't give them that piece of information and a reason to keep the dog.

PBurns said...

I don't put the name on the collars anymore either, but for a different reason; the tags last forever.

By simply putting my URL and g-mail address (email) and cell phone numbers, the tags are good for more than one dog -- including visiting dogs -- and are good for life (or until I move, which may be the same thing).


Seahorse said...

"What am I waiting for?" Just need the beastie in hand so I can measure her for size.

Seahorse :)

Cassandra Was Right said...

I've used these tags for years and haven't kept track of the number of times my dogs, especially the Houdini Jindo, have gotten come home quickly - in several different countries - because of them.

A tip: because the tag doesn't dangle, dog-finders don't always realize it's there. I use a heavy needle and thread to fasten the tags to the side of the collar opposite the buckle with a double stitch through the collar from the top, around the tab on the underside, repeat twice and tie off. This holds the tag on the top of the dog's neck where it is easy to see.

Kyra said...

Love these tags - all our dogs have them. Our foster Jacks have the plastic Boomerang tags - incredibly well made and NO clanking (I hate clanking). They are so sturdy that we ask adopters to mail them back when they get their own ID on their new Jack.
Great company.

Viatecio said...

I plan on using these once I have my own dog. I'm not the biggest fan of "jingles" from all the tags. I guess the rabies and license tags will go into "Quiet bags," but I do want one of those Collartags!

Because I'll probably be moving often, I only plan to put the dog's name and at least two phone numbers on it. I know that knowing the dog's name can give someone a lot of control, but it also makes it easier to catch the dog or hold it. Plus, you can always train commands in a non-English language!

Carolyn Horowitz said...

We don't use tags at all, but collars that are custom fit and embroidered with our name and phone number. They last for years, even with hard, outdoor use. I just toss them in the washer in a hosiery bag a couple of times a year to keep them clean. They're easy to read, even on quite small dogs.

Our dogs are all chipped, as well, but as you note that's the line of last defense. I'd rather someone in the neighborhood call me than have a chip scanned (or not) at animal control.

Romilda Gareth said...