Friday, July 30, 2010

My BFF is a WTF

What most people want is a dog... what they need is a cat... and what they deserve is a fish.

This ad is playing on a local cable channel. I have never seen animals mass-marketed on TV before.

Amazing... and sad on a couple of levels. Pets for teabaggers!


√Čadaoin said...

Those poor fish...I hate seeing animals kept in such miserable circumstances. I also love how they give you a month's supply of food - what a tacit acknowledgement that they'll never even live that long.


Jenn said...


Their eggs gestate during the dry season, then they hatch and reproduce during the time the seasonal ponds are open.

They are a very short lived fish, but that doesn't mean they don't need proper water changes and a clean tank.

This is as bad as carnival goldfish. (Do they still do that?)

Seahorse said...

Oh, dear, so creepy and wrong, and sending SO many wrong messages.

That MILF ain't "Carter's" real mom, either, lol. I love how the representative BFFs are neon-glow cartoons.

Me, I'm holding out for Sea Monkeys.