Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hunting Dog As Carry On Luggage

This is the American Airlines small dog carry-on bag, available from Petco.

Slightly different versions, made by the same company (Sherpa), are tagged with other airline monikers, such as Delta, but I think they are all interchangeable.

As you can see, a small Jack Russell terrier can fit inside these carry-on bags, provided the dog weighs less than 16 pounds and is not too much over 11.5 inches tall.

Have dog toy, will travel.

I have several friends out West who bring a dog East with them to hunt every year, and this is how their dogs come. Seems to work! I have dug with their dogs up to 2 pm in the afternoon, washed the dirt out of the dog's eyes, and sent them off on a 4 pm flight with a little dirt still stuck to the both of them. And no, I have no idea what we would have done if the dog had gotten skunked!


Seahorse said...

The Petco internet-only sale on this ends today! I think I saw this exact bag on ebay last night when I went a huntin', but can't recall the cost. If you have a cash-back account, you can use it for one more week, on ebay and at a lot of .com sites. I've done very well on my crate, ex-pen and other items.

Used your recipe for de-skunking the cat Sunday, with excellent results, though as you'd cautioned he's getting slightly fragrant again. Will be repeating soon. Had your friend's terriers been skunked, you might have had canine house guests for a few weeks!

Seahorse ;)

b6751d8a-defd-11e4-a1e1-17c35289d9b3 said...

Hehe, it looks like the Jack Russel Terrier likes this bag. He looks happy. :)

So if I understand correctly this is a bag from American Airlines, so it's like a collectors item?

Maybe I should make a post on my best carry on luggage website about what is the best one for carrying pets around. Or what pets still fit in a carry-on bag lol :-)