Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Face of Terrorism

I don't have much tolerance for terrorists of any kind, whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or merely old-fashioned right-wing, racist paranoids.

Not all terrorists are religious zealots, racists, or right-wing paranoids, of course.

The "left" has its share of nut jobs too, and the latest to get nailed is pictured above.

He is Walter Bond, age 34, a self-proclaimed member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) who was arrested in Colorado last week.

The criminal complaint against Bond outlines the case:

* On July 1st, investigators received a call from a confidential informant wishing to provide information on the Sheepskin Factory and Tandy Leather Factory arsons. The informant stated Bond had told him/her in a telephone call from the Salt Lake City library to refer to Voice of the Voiceless and scroll down to an article on the Sheepskin Factory arson to learn what he'd "been up to lately".

* On July 22nd, the confidential informant arranged a monitored conversation with Walter Bond in a Ramada Inn in Denver, Colorado. Investigators allege Bond was heard admitting to three arsons: Sheepskin Factory, Leather Factory, and Tiburon. Bond was arrested subsequent to the conversation.

Good luck to Mr. Bond in prison. By the look of things, he will fit right in.

As with the lunatics on the right, the actions of this man have nothing to do with core principles or well-founded logic.

This is the feeble-minded acting out of a psychopath with a narcissistic personality disorder.

Left or right, our tolerance for this kind of nonsense should be ZERO.


Karen said...

Not to make a generalization, but someone that puts a tattoo on their FACE is generally an unstable individual.

HTTrainer said...

Certainly one who will move "unnoticed" in a crowd.

Gina said...

Have to agree with Karen. This person probably would have bought in to the first ideology he met. If he hadn't fallen in with the crowd he did, he'd probably be bombing federal buildings on the far right. Or something else just as extreme.