Thursday, May 13, 2010

Political Hybrid Vigor?

The BBC reports:

The mayor of London has likened the coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to a cross between "a bulldog and a Chihuahua".

Boris Johnson said the new government, led by new Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, would have a "fantastic hybrid vigour".

"It will be a new strong proposition to put to the British people," he added.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is to be the new deputy PM and Vince Cable will be business secretary.

Hmmmmm. I am not sure you get 'hybrid vigor" by crossing two defective dogs.

I think I got it right a little over a week ago when I predicted:

Cameron will win, Gordon Brown will disappear into a monastery, and Clegg will become a popular gadfly who will be given the reins to moderate Cameron so that the widows and orphans in the U.K. will not be sold off to the cannibal islands to balance off the foreign trade losses.


Bóxer Urkabustaiz said...

I have never seen a Bulldog x Chihuahua cross, but I guess it would be a much more "average" dog than any of its parents. And it would probably be healthier and sturdier than any of them, though it might lack the specific "charms" the parents have.

HTTrainer said...

From "Last of the Summer Wine"

Clegg: No need to be prejudiced against him, Cyril, just because he looks like summat from Rent-a-Drain.
Compo: That's true. I've got my feelings, you know.
Blamire: Oh, I do know. I've seen you scratching 'em
Clegg: You've got to remember, Campo, that Cyril's a Tory, and Tories can't stand it if you're filthy and obscene. That's what the Labour Party's for.