Monday, May 31, 2010

Notions of Time and Reward Shape Culture

This is a terrific video. Watch the whole thing for both form and content. Nice!


HTTrainer said...

Great video. He has other videos on youtube & facebook link.
Too bad our education system hasn't grasped that the "computer/internet revolution" has left many of them them behind.
Our as my second grade teacher said you must adopt, adapt and become adept.

Seahorse said...

Oh, man, lots going on here. Fascinating stuff. I think the collective ADD we have in this country started with MTV. It was MTV that fomented the quick-cut format which now seems to be THE way almost everything is filmed. It's annoying and exhausting. (The most elegant TV ad today is for Korean Air, which is slow, restful, all white with one gorgeous accent color repeated, and clearly intended for we oldsters.) Don't even get me started about the incessant "need" to text and the loss of basic social skills that creates. If I had a kid you can bet your sweet bits and bytes the technology would be taught (necessary) and parentally limited. My kid would hate me. (G)