Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Mistake Worth Avoiding

Rubber duck in dog.

Rubber dog in dog.

As I noted in a post earlier this week,

Pet owners routinely pay a fortune in surgery costs to get tennis balls, rubber squeak toys, socks, and other items out of their dog's stomachs. Most pet stores have an entire "suicide wall" of squeaky pet toys that should never be given to any dog, EVER. Just because a toy is sold at a pet store does NOT mean it is dog safe!

A few examples, above and below.

Nine golf balls in dog.

Squeak toy in dog. These are often particularly hard to see.


Marie said...

Don't forget food items too. We have the world's most expensive peach pit that was removed from one of our terriers' bowels. We very seldom even give toys out. And anything given is well supervised, it's amazing how these terriers can locate the "weak spot" in a toy and zero in.

an American in Copenhagen said...

Rocks are always a popular choice as well.

I should say "hi" from Lisa Belhage, another American living in Denmark, who went hunting with you one day many years ago while she was in the US for a wedding. She was involved with Broder Terriers at that time (but has since moved on to Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Akhal-Teke horses, and Icelandic sheep) and asked about you and your dogs when I mentioned I read your blog every day. It is a seriously small world!

Viatecio said...

During the radiology portion of our clinical applications course, we are treated to many X-rays of this sort. It's fascinating to hear the stories of what happened and how the situation turned out.

The weirdest so far was a pug who ingested $1.22 in change. There was definitely metal in his stomach, but the coins were stacked and not round, and they were in some inexplicable shape. The story with that was, apparently, a developmentally-disabled child was probably feeding the coins to the dog.

And then someone took their dog in for radiographs because it killed and ate a whole was allowed to pass on through just fine, even though some large bones were still visible in the stomach.