Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dog House Fox

I have not checked on the yard fox for a while, and decided to move the camera to the back yard and see if the fox would hop up on top of the new stone dog house I put in back there.

As you can see, the fox found the food the very first night (the dog house is in the yard above the goldfish pond where I think the fox come to drink), and they had no compunction at all about jumping up.

It looks like there may be three different fox here -- always a bit hard to tell, but there are at least two. The lighting is off; I will have to see if I can adjust the camera to account for the glare off of the hard stone-and-concrete surface. This surface will eventually be covered with ivy.

For the record, the dogs sleep inside the main (human) house at night, and the large stone dog house (big enough for all three dogs to fit inside) is only one of several places they can lounge during the day. At first they continued to use their dog houses inside the garage, but now they seem to like the stone dog house outside best of all. It seems to stay warm in the winter (6-inch stone walls, concrete topped by insulated foam on the bottom, and a thick bed of straw inside), and I think it will stay cool in the summer too.


Kathleen said...

Please tell me again what sort of camera you use in your yard. The photos are quite good.

PBurns said...

See >>

Its a Moultrie Game Spy D-40 and I bought mine through Amazon from a place called "Wing Supply".

I am going to lower the camera a few inches so that is shoots a bit flatter in order to reduce glare from the hard stone and concrete surface -- shoot improve the shots a bit.


Marie said...

Stone dog house, my dogs are jealous!

Kathleen said...

This morning, I ordered the Bushnell Trophy Camera via Amazon. Can't wait. I'm going to set it up in the side yard and hope to see some fox, raccoon, and whatever other wild things roam the City of Falls Church at night.

Thanks for the inspiration!