Friday, March 19, 2010

There's No Such Thing As a Pack of Wild Dogs

There's no such thing as a pack of wild dogs.

I am assured of this by people who (apparently) have never been to Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, or America's own rural South where packs of wild dogs are to be seen without too much trouble.

Never mind the pack of dogs that ripped apart a person just a few months back right here in the USA.

Never mind that the National Geographic has done a special on packs of feral dogs roaming Detroit and St. Louis.

And never mind the real carnage that packs of wild dogs do all over the world, and not just to livestock, but also to humans. The story below is very recent one from South Africa (warning, it is not for the faint of heart).

A newborn's body has been ripped to shreds by hungry dogs.

Yesterday, Gugulethu residents woke up to the gruesome sight of dogs fighting over the tiny body parts, which were strewn all over their neighbourhood.

The mangled baby girl was discovered just a few metres from the KTC Day Hospital in Tambo Square Informal Settlement yesterday morning.

Residents were too late to find the intestines and it is believed the dogs ate them before they were chased off.

The baby's arm and head, initially thought to be missing, were later found between shacks some distance away.

Of course, some people cannot be persuaded by statistics or newspaper story, so for them let's see what happens to wild dogs in Australia where they predate on livestock. Again, this video is not for the faint of heart.

So cleary, there's no such thing as wild dog packs anywhere in the world. Case made!


Seahorse said...

How can anyone forget the "Dingoes ate my baby" case? Camping at Ayers Rock, a mother claimed to have seen dingoes running off with her infant. I think the baby was only about 6 weeks old. The mother was convicted of killing her baby, but years later was acquitted when the baby's blood-stained clothing was discovered by hikers. Further investigation revealed the infant was indeed killed by dingoes.

Dogs get hungry. Dogs eat stuff. Why do people believe in Bigfoot and not what's right in front of their faces?


Kitty Carroll said...

I have an Upik Eskimo cousin. She is leery of any dog, because of the packs of wild/feral dogs that were around her village in Bethel, AK. In Rockville, MD, where I grew up. In the 70's the landfill had a big problem with dog packs. A high school friend worked there and saw them each night. No one walked the landfill at night. Anyone who raises small livestock will find out first hand about wild dog packs.

I live in the south, lots of pack dogs here. Just tie out a female dog in heat and you will see the real story.

I put the people who don't believe in wild dog packs in the same league as the flat earth society.

Fate said...

As someone forced to stay inside and terrorized by a pack of wild dogs growing up, I have a hard time believing how anyone could think they don't exist.