Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Old Dogs That Have Now Gone to Heaven

I found this old picture in a box this morning. The Border Terrier is Haddie, the black dog is Barney (a terrier mutt) and the Welsh Terrier is the original Stuff, my folks' dogs. This must be around 1985 or so.

Barney was not the most useful dog I ever owned (that would be Sailor), but he was certainly the smartest. In fact, Barney was so smart, I think he could have done my taxes!


Meryl said...

I think it's interesting how "smartest" and "most useful" are not always the same. Moe (current Welsh Terrier) is without a doubt, the smartest dog I've ever had. I think he could wire a house if there was something in it for him. But I think Bum (mutt that wandered up to our house when I was about 13) certainly wins for "most useful". Mostly (according to my mother, anyway) she was useful at looking after me. ;)

Jonathan Setter said...

One of the greatest comforts for me when looking forward to my own inevitable demise someday, is the thought of the dogs that have gone before. I will be with them, should I be so lucky and it matters not to me whether these are the plains of heaven, or some patch of field just outside the gates. If I am with those loyal hearts, I will be in paradise for sure.

Seahorse said...

I live in fear that the fable of "Rainbow Bridge" is true, as I shall surely be trampled by the number of beasts I have owned and loved in my (as yet incomplete) lifetime.

Seahorse ;)