Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

This is Lucy, my son's very young dog. She's a light-bodied Pit-cross who has terrific green eyes and a much redder coat than this picture suggests. I think she is going to end up looking quite a lot like a small Viszla. She loves Austin (who doesn't?) and curls up next to him to sleep.


Jonathan Setter said...

A beautiful "girl with kaleidoscope eyes" Nice puppy, hope she lives long and happy with all of you over there.

Jake said...

She's beautiful.

It's time for me to get another dog, I think. It's been 7 years since I had to put my lab down, and I've go the itch.

Jonathan Setter said...

I suggest you scratch that itch immediately Jake. There is a good dog waiting for you somewhere right now and who knows where this journey could take you.

alfmcmalf said...


I want one like Lucy. She would look divine next to my Ferdy's chocolate colourings. But being an experienced reader of this blog I have been doing quite well on weaning myself away from judging dogs on their looks alone. But it can be hard can't it? Especially when they look like Lucy.


Marie said...

Dogs look so innocent when they're sleeping lol ... I tell mine that all the time.

Wishing Austin and Lucy a lifetime of wonderful memories.

SPA said...

Very nice!
She looks like my "Ergé" (APBT X dobermann)




(four month pictures)

Vincent pfeiffer

Connie said...

Did I hear a collective "Awwwww..?"
Good looking pup there.

Mongoose said...


Kathleen said...

Adorable. Can't wait to see more about her.


Andy said...

may i recommend Merle's Door for your son