Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

A few days ago, I mentiond Edward Tufte's great book on the visual display of quantitative data. Tufte also has a web site that celebrates good data presentations, including these three produced by New York Times illustrator Megan Jaegerman.


Mongoose said...

Who the F spends $200 a year on dog training?

Cost of my dog:

Food: probably $580 or more, but I live in northern Canada, where a gallon of milk costs $6, and I feed my dog fresh food.

Vet: $95 every three years. They don't actually need the shots every year.

Training: $0, lifetime.

Grooming supplies: I think I spent $15 on a brush at first, and we share shampoo.

Leashes, collars and toys: $15 for a leash, and she's on her second collar, so I think $45 so far in four years. And she gets my old blankets for a bed.

Flea and pest treatment: $0.

Total: about $630 a year, plus about $30 in initial costs, plus the "purchase" of the dog was $300: spaying her and flying her to me. Over 11 years she'd cost $6,930. Over her 16-year life expectancy, $10,080.

I know people who spend more than that on booze every year.

Donald McCaig said...

"Who the F spends $200 a year on dog training?"

I do. Last year: Derek Scrimageour 5 day clinic $500 Kevin Evans coaching 1 day $100, Barbara Ray -occasional coaching nearby $400, board and train for one dog, 2 weeks, $400. Not including travel expenses which would be double or triple the fees.. Probably an average year for a sheepdogger whose been trialing for a quarter century and wants to stay competitive.

Donald McCaig

Seahorse said...

As I ponder acquiring new puppies, I really didn't need these cost reminders... :P

Seahorse--> word verification: encur, out of which I could fashion several relevant jokes!