Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee and Provocation

PeTA's Slaughter House Continues Unabated:
PeTA had a 97.3 percent kill rate at their Norfolk, Virginia "shelter" last year, with just 8 adoptions and 31 transfers out of 2,366 animals taken in. Yes, they killed all the rest.

A Clash of Feathers:
The crisis over finch fighting continues unabated.

The Great Sperm Race:
The Great Sperm Race was on National Geographic Channel yesterday and will be repeated, I have no doubt. Check out the great pictures from this "greatest race"-type show (totally safe for work).

Messing With Mother Nature:
If you like bully whippets with freakish amounts of muscle, and Belgian Blue cattle with more of the same, check out the new recombinant salmon being made. Ugh!

The Most Beautiful Book Store in the World:
Argentina has the most beautiful book store in the world. It's located in an old 1920s-era movie house.

A Few Cracks Appear in the Market for Eggs:
Over 100 million eggs sold in the U.K. as "free-range" or organic were, in fact, the same battery-cage non-organic eggs that could have been bought anywhere for a third of the price. In fact, some of the eggs sold as free-range and organic were actually eggs that had been rejected by other companies, and were destined for industrial use. Consumers, of course, could not tell the difference. Think that bit of chicanery is only happening in the U.K.? Guess again!


HTTrainer said...

Re: recombinant trout.
Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Re: Eggs

Fresh vs not Fresh is easy to tell but my pallet isn't developed enough and my pockets are way shallow at the moment so I've been letting my cynicism about the food chain override my concerns about animal welfare. Not proud of it, but it seems i may have been right to do so.

aficat said...

The Sizing Up Sperm show was hilarious. "Like most average men, Glen has no idea about the miracle of engineering tucked away in his pants. In the mysterious world beyond his boxer shorts..." XD

Have you seen the "Raw/Anatomy", or "Inside The *animal*" shows? The just recently did a whale and giraffe, and the previous eps were elephant and crocodile, where they do a dissection on a zoo animal and run through the evolutionary adaptations of these wild creatures. Absolutely fascinating.

PBurns said...

Missed those shows, though with Youtube, they may yet show up!