Tuesday, February 02, 2010

When Will India and China Have a U.S. Lifestyle?

I love Hans Rosling. I love the data, the music he makes with it, his presentation, his passion, his message ... But above all I love the little "eh" in his voice. Love it.

Watch this video.

I do not think Hans Rosling will be wrong. This man has run the data through his fingers to the point that, like a good farmer who can smell the soil and tell you what it needs, so too can Rosling tell you what the future will bring.

And the future, as Hans Rosling notes, is not very far away.

The Marquis de Condorcet, it appears, was right. But shhh.... tell no one!

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Retrieverman said...

My advice to Dr. Watkinson: you are allowed to use the word "Basically" to begin a sentence only once per three pages.

Once per chapter would be nice!