Friday, February 19, 2010

A Report from Westminster (with photo goodness)

You want to read what the Westminster Dog Show is really like?

Here's a fine report with photo goodness from reporter-photographer Barry Petchesky, who has been attending Westminster for the last four years.

This is much better reporting than the "Sadie looked so devine" crap you normally get from the "dog press," where no one wants to step on anyone else's toes, and where the freak show of deformed dogs and strange people has been completely normalized by people who regularly attend shows populated by deformed dogs and strange people.

For those who want more, you can read last year's report. As Petchesky notes about the picture, above:

She's putting eyeliner on a fucking dog. Now that our country has gotten over tarted-up preschoolers in child beauty pageants, maybe we can muster up some outrage over this. You know how a woman will look real good when you take her home, but then you see her in the morning in her natural state? If you fell in love with Uno the Beagle last year, just know that you fell for a lie.

Want more? Read it all, and see it all, at the "DeadSpin" links here and here and here and here.

Of course, it's always hard to beat The Onion where they have titled their article: Chinese Crested Dog's Beautifully Descended Testicles Bring Divided Nation Together.


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Seahorse said...

Dear God in Heaven, I nearly wasted a perfectly good up-suck of an adult beverage reading the Westminster blog from last year. Too many great insights/one-liners to note, and don't miss the sometimes hilarious comments that follow the blog. Patrick, I blame you if any of my beverage hits the keyboard instead of my liver. Damn your eyes, man!

Seahorse, truly lol-ing