Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pedigree Dogs Ex-SLOWED

Pedigree dog food has some good ads. See here for two past examples featured on this blog.


Viatecio said...

That was almost Super Bowl-worthy!

I have to say that while I don't feed their food, their ads really are great. Especially the ones about the rescues.

Buoyant Dog said...

That is a really cool commercial. Too bad they didn't spend the money on quality ingredients, instead.

PBurns said...

Dog food ingredients are not much of a factor in the quality of a dog food.

In fact, NO dog good has been shown to be better than any other.

Most house dogs can get by on ANY commercial kibble.

In fact, the major food problem for most dogs is the same as it is for humans: too much food.

Unless your dog is a very active dog they do NOT need a high-fat diet and Purina and Pedigree are pretty close to perfect unless your dog has some sort of alergy (and the most common dog food allergy is to beef, believe it or not).

For more information, see







Miki said...

When I was trying to get my Addisonian standard poodle to eat again after his crash, Pedigree canned was the only thing he would eat. Everything else was spit out - beef, chicken, baby food, "high quality" canned food, canned cat food - everything but Pedigree canned food. So that's what I fed him and he did just fine - better than fine, actually, because he was finally eating again. When I tried to transition him to a "quality" kibble the only thing he would eat was Iams kibble in the green bag, bought at the grocery store.

He would still be eating Iams but he developed chronic pancreatitis after I f'd around with home cooking, etc., after he developed calcium oxalate stones. So now he's eating a "prescription" food - Hills ID - because it works for him.

My next std poodle will, I hope, come from a breeder who cares that his/her dogs can eat Pedigree or Iams or just about anything - IOW, they'll have healthy immune systems and won't need to be fed "special" food.

Sorry - I'm rambling. Love, love, love the commercial.....

PBurns said...

A neighbor's dog had Addisons --scarey weight loss until he was medicated, and the medication was not cheap!

As for pancreatitis as a result of cooking your own dog food, it's pretty common and one reason to go with Purina or Pedigree (no boutique dog food companies for me!). See my prediction on what was to follow the Chinese dog food mess >>


Kali said...

That video is not unlike this one, I wonder if they either ripped it off or had the same guys direct it (they're French):