Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Jeep Ad Ever


Doug said...

Patrick, you crack me up!

PBurns said...

Think about it --

The ad starts with a school teacher (very furtive) dashing out the door of the school, tooling up a creek into the woods, looking around, and then hunting his hawks (amazing action shots), with the "branding shot" shown above. The bit would close with the Voice Over Guy saying "Jeep: American Made," and the pictures showing you sneaking back into the real world in order to pick up the kids at soccer practice.

God bless America, and "honey, let's get us a jeep."

Story told, Jeeps sold!


JL said...

This is my favorite real Jeep ad:
It just makes me smile.

PBurns said...

Love that ad -- first rate! I had never seen it before, so THANKS!