Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wayne Rogers for Purina

Remember Wayne Rogers from M*A*S*H?

Here he is in a 1960 sales film designed to be shown to executives and sales-force personnel working for Purina Pet Foods. It describes a new fall TV series, entitled "Stagecoast West."

Back in 1960, Ralston-Purina also co-sponsored "Leave It to Beaver" and "Cheyenne."

Notice the careful description of cross-promotion with farm and hunting magazines. None of that now!

Note also the new use of point-of-view photography in a dog food commercial. Apparently this was a very new idea 54 years ago!

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channeledbymodem said...

That kibble is *yuge*. Were dogs getting fat on kibble back in 1961? If people filled their dogs bowls with as much food as the commercial shows they certainly did.