Friday, October 30, 2009

Meghan Burns Kicks Butt

My niece, at left.

This is my niece, kicking some serious butt and helping propel her school to the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association championship in tennis.

In case anyone is wondering, full credit goes to Meaghan and her mother as there are no athletes on her Dad's side (my side) of the family though, to be fair, my brother can run very well and hold his own in a canoe. As The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

After scoring the winning point in a match that took more than three hours to complete, Meghan Burns didn't have the strength to do much more than drop to her knees and cry.

Her winning point in the third set of a match with Westfield's Tara Criscuolo yesterday gave Haddonfield a 3-2 win over Westfield in the NJSIAA Tournament of Champions, earning Haddonfield its first TOC title in 29 years.

Burns' performance "was the most heroic thing I've ever seen on a tennis court," said an emotional Jeff Holman, who has been coaching at Haddonfield since 1976, including Haddonfield's first TOC title in 1980.

Burns dropped the first set, 7-5, after an hour and a half of play. But she charged back to win the second set, 6-1. And, after overcoming leg cramps that caused play to be stopped twice, Burns won the third set, 6-4.


Viatecio said...

What a trooper! I hope she'll continue to play as she goes on in her education (ie college and beyond), either recreationally or organized? Congrats to her, the coach and her team!

I can't imagine a 3-hour tennis game. I barely got past the matches we played in gym class!

Seahorse said...

Way to rock the match, Meghan!