Monday, August 17, 2009

Get Your Michael Vick Rape Rack Here!

Do you want to buy a rape rack for your dog just like Michael Vick used at BadNewz kennels?

Then have we got "good newz" for you!

We know where you can order your own, from The cost is only $199.00.

If you're not mating your bitches in a rape rack, you're doing it wrong!


Lily Strange said...

Oh man...that's horrible.
From your related links, I have a great idea. Let's put Michael Vick and Ingrid Newkirk into a pit fighting ring, arm them with razor blades, and let them have at!

Anonymous said...

I love how they call them "game dogs," not fighting dogs. Game dogs-- heck, they're just playing games, nothing to it.

Of course, we have similar name for fighting chickens, which are known as gamecocks.

PBurns said...

We even have the U. of South Carolina team: The Fighting Game Cocks.

Lots of bad T-shirts come out of that name: "Beat the Cocks" and of of course the lovelies wearing the T-shirt that says "Cocks Rock".

Only in America ...

HTTrainer said...

the Rhode Island School of Design Hockey Team is known as the Nads, "Go Nads"