Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do You Feel .... Inadequate?

This is a real ad for a real pharmaceutical product.

Below, a little "Bonus Brooke" in which Ms. Shields explains the basics of Darwin, genetics, natural selection and even genetic drift.



Seahorse said...

I had just seen this commercial for the first time when my mother, the hot 70-something Barbiedoll who gave birth to me, the un-made-up farm girl, came to visit. I laughed and told her about this absurdity, and she paused, and then told me she'd been using this product for some time. She was disappointed I hadn't noticed her eyelash growth. Was that something I was supposed to be looking for???? Evidently, it was, and I wasn't.


PBurns said...

Yeah, I know how she feels. No one asks me how that Enzyte is working for me, either ;) What happend to inquiring minds!


2CatMom said...

Oy! I don't know about this ad, but isn't everyone aware that in print ads for mascara, the women are ALWAYS wearing fake eyelashes.
How can any Dr. with an ounce of integrity write a script for something like this (unless of course, there's a medical reason for doing so).

PBurns said...

Doctors are often paid kickbacks, plain and simple. The money can pretty lucrative. Here's an example of 100 names doctors and how much they were given >> http://stanford.wellsphere.com/general-medicine-article/medtronic-whistleblower-files-suit-against-physicians/379668