Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Kennel Club Couch Potato Club

I am rolling on the floor about this one. It seems a press release has been put out saying that Crufts is going to be sponsored by a company that sells half-priced sofas.

And here's the kicker -- it's TRUE.

A discount SOFA company is sponsoring Crufts!


The dog show circuit that was started by a shotgun maker looking to attract hunters by holding a competition for Pointers and Setters has now devolved to a couch company seeking to attract couch potato matrons and their pampered pooches who are led around on string leads.

DFS to be principle sponsor of Crufts 2010
21 May 2009 By Mary Clarke

Sofa retailer DFS has signed up as the principle sponsor of Crufts 2010. The Kennel Club, which runs the annual dog show, said the deal would make next year’s show better than ever.

DFS chairman Lord Kirkham said: "I am massively excited that DFS will be the principal sponsor of Crufts 2010. The event is part of the fabric of British life and it is always clear to see that dogs enjoy being in the limelight in the show ring, just as much as cuddling up with their owners on the sofa.

"We are proud to be involved in an event that is dedicated to ensuring that dogs have happy, healthy and comfortable lives."

Pedigree Chum was previously the principle sponsor for Crufts and had been involved with the show for 44 years before pulling out in October ahead of the March show.

While the Mars-owned pet food brand said its move away from Crufts was part of a refocusing of its priorities, the decision came in the wake of the controversy surrounding the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, which took a critical view of pedigree breeding practices. Source

Note that in 2004 Lord Kirkham, said "If DFS was a dog, it would be a Crufts champion."

Translation: "We sell products that look good in the picture but they fall to pieces the moment you try and actually put them to use."

And yes, he really said that.

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retrieverman said...

I'm trying to think of the political science or sociology term for these useless but expensive products- including these chairs and most show dogs.

But there is a term. I just can't remember it.