Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Automatic Dog Washing Machine

A Frenchman has come up with an automatic dog washing machine.

All I can say is "good luck to gettting my dogs in there the second time!"



Gina Spadafori said...

I saw this at a pet trade show. You wouldn't get me in there one time, and even the water-mad trievies wouldn't go in a second time.

Honestly, I watched the thing in action and thought, "Who on earth thought this was enough of a good idea to invest in development?"

Mark Churchill said...

Credit where credit is due...this is a clever idea (on some level).

That said, not only would my three dachshunds never fall for it a second time, they would seek vengeance—possibly by killing me in my sleep.

Bathtime, although infrequent, is deeply unpopular with our pack: we call it "waterboarding the dogs".

PBurns said...

LOL. There's a very good cartoon in there Mark. Wish I could draw ;)


jack said...

this wont work with my dogs. Only way I would even attempt to get them in is if I was wearing welding gloves. very funny..

J cape Town