Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stimulus Package

My new boiler was installed yesterday. Total cost $6,680 including old unit out, new unit in, and same-as-cash 12-month financing.

This unit was made in Germany and installed by two recent immigrants and one made-in-American.

I think that little story tells you everything you need to know about the current economy.

This is a fine boiler, I am sure, and seemed to be expertly installed by folks who were competent and extremely nice, but I am not sure what part of this purchase helped the American economy.

I am told this country is down to one maker of cast iron furnaces and that they did not make a size that fits my capacity needs (yes the company that did the installation did sell those made-in-America furnaces as well).

Bottom line: Even when you want to buy made-in-America by Americans, it's nearly impossible!


Kathleen said...

That's a fine looking boiler. The mark-up on it contributes to the economy.

smartdogs said...

Do you have a radiant heat system? We've got two - one in the house and one at the training center. I love them.

Ours currently run on a couple of 14 year old, American-made Burnham gas boilers. They work like champs but I would prefer something more efficient. Our neighbor just upgraded to a Munchkin, which I think is also American made.

PBurns said...

Yes, water baseboard. Works great.

Burnham is the only American cast-iron boiler maker made, but they "lick and stick" for a couple of other companies.


smartdogs said...

Our systems are both in-floor. Warm floors in long, Minnesota winters are a wonderful thing. The radiant systems (even with 14-year old boilers) are also a whole lot more energy efficient than forced air.

One day we'll upgrade - probably to a system that also heats our water. We looked into solar preheat - but there don't seem to be any systems that work well this far north.