Sunday, March 01, 2009

Autumnbriar Abandons Dogs To Die ... Again

Lauren Wolfe, aka Autumnbriar, aka Laura Antretter, is a person that has routinely popped up on the working terrier boards.

She is also certifiably insane.

I have said so before, and I have repeatedly warned people off of her, telling them they should never buy a dog from her, give a dog to her, or even communicate with her.

This was not speculation on my part -- I knew she had already been cited for abandoning her dogs, and she had confessed to being on medication for some type of mental illness. And, for the record, I do not believe she has ever dug on a dog in her life.

This morning came this article out of Pennsylvania:
Dead Dogs Found at Abandoned Kennel

Thirty animals were found dead at Autumn Briar Kennel in Sullivan County, PA, last week. State Police at Laporte are investigating, with numerous animal cruelty charges and dog law violations pending. Corporal William Brown, State Police at Laporte, said charges should be filed this week.

PA Humane Society Police Officer Marlene Metzger, who works for the Dessin Animal Shelter near Bethany, was asked to respond to the Colley Township address, located below Tunkhannock, by Regional Dog Law Supervisor Ellen Howarth, Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

Metzger said conditions at the kennel were “just horrendous, gross.” She says there were approximately 50 dogs living in the kennel area in “horrendous living conditions: feces everywhere and urine.”

“You’d really consider her a hoarder,” said PA Dog Warden Jim Rickert, referring to the kennel owner (name withheld pending filing of charges.) “She was a licensed kennel in 2008 and (the Department of Agriculture) was in the process of revoking the license,” he said, based on numerous animal cruelty and sanitation violations.

Metzger says the owner surrendered approximately 30 dogs on Thursday, of which 21 were transported to Dessin Animal Shelter in Bethany, to be placed for adoption. The remaining dogs were accepted by shelters in Susquehanna, Lackawanna and Luzerne counties, said Dessin Animal Shelter Manager Sue Frisch.

Frisch says the Dessin took in one Lurcher (resembling a greyhound); six adult, Jack Russell Terrier types; and 14 Jack Russell puppies. Five of the puppies are already spoken for, and Pregnant Dog Rescue in Newfoundland accepted three adult Jack Russells to be placed for adoption.

Animals dead on property

Rickert says they found seven dead animals when they searched the Autumn Briar Kennel property Thursday: six dead dogs and one cat. When they returned Friday with a second search warrant, they found an additional 23 dead animals, including a pig, goat, hamsters, gerbils, and more dogs. “In her bedroom was the mama dog and puppies. There was a pile of cat food bags. Under the pile of cat food bags was the dead mother dog and six puppies,” he said. “The hamsters were in a closet on the top shelf, in their cages,” Rickert said — all dead.

“Everything just died and stayed wherever it died,” Metzger said. She says it’s unclear if the owner lived at the house. “There was no place for her to sleep. There was dog sh** on every piece of furniture in that house—the bed, the couch, the loveseat—everything,” she said.

Rickert said animal cruelty charges were also filed against the owner 12 years ago.

Want to see the Kennel report from last year? Here it is (PDF). She failed food, water, bedding, sanitation, eccreta (shit), drainage, and water resistance, and has received numerous citations.
I will set aside the question of how someone cited for animal cruelty 12 years ago could get a Dept. of Agriculture kennel license to house nearly 100 dogs.

Instead, I will focus on the dogs that need homes. These dogs include a very nice lurcher and some small Jack Russells and Jack Russell crosses (which Autumnbriar tried to market as "rare Atlas Terriers").

There is nothing wrong with these dogs. What was broken was their owner, not the dogs. Contact the Dessin Animal Shelter to adopt or help and please cross-post to list-servs and boards where appropriate.

These dogs started out life in a bad place; they now need to bounce into good loving homes.

These puppies need a home!

Johnny, the lurcher, needs a home.


Anonymous said...

How very troubling this story is. Thanks for writing about it. I'll do what I can to spread the word about the dogs needing homes.

Jonathan Setter said...

Good post and great that it is focused on the dogs and their futures. I am very far from the US, but to anyone reading this post, I got a lurcher a few days ago to keep mty terriers company and they are wonderful gentle animals. Adopt those dogs guys.

PBurns said...

I wish nothing by happiness and good things for Lauren Wolfe -- mental health and a steady income are very good things to have. May she find both.

That said, one test for crazy is if you do the same thing again and again and expect a different result.

The COURT needs to show that it is NOT crazy, and bar Lauren from ever owning animals again. Enough is enough.

On the upside, my understanding is that these animals have all found better homes. If so, that is a good outcome to a very bad situation.