Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mountain is "Shovel Ready"

Mountain Girl is "shovel ready."

A Jack Russell Terrier is the original "stimulus package."

They start out small, and if you are lucky they stay that way. Mountain Girl as a pup at Larry Morrison's.


jack said...

I didn't realise that her full name was Mountain Girl, like the lady from the Merry Pranksters?

Jonathan ct

PBurns said...

Yes. She later married Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.


nickaz said...

may i ask a question regarding spanning?

i have average hand size id say and can just touch the tips of my fingers together around the chest just behind the elbows. i dont push the legs forward or back, like she was standing, is this how to measure?
could this be too big around?

how do you measure your dogs?

thank you, Nick in Az

PBurns said...

How to span a dog: To measure a terrier's chest, span from behind, raising only the front feet from the ground, and compress at the widest part of the chest about one to two inches back from the front legs. Thumbs should meet or overlap at the spine and fingers should meet under the chest.

How to measure a dog: While a "span" is so vague as to encompass dogs that cannot normally work (at least if the man's hand is very big), actual measurement offers some numerical clarity. Snap a shoe string around your dog's chest, mark, and then lay it out on a ruler. A dog should have a chest that is not too much bigger than 14 inches -- the average chest size of a red fox.

I am spanning a groundhog here >>

See >> for notes on fox chest size.


jack said...

Hi terrierman,

I think I have more in common with you then than just terriers. I see the MC5 mentioned in your blog a few times. Kick Out The Jams. How about stuff like Arthur Lee and Love, The thirteenth Floor elevators, iggy and The Stooges, the Seeds or the Electric prunes?

I listened to this stuff in the 80s when I was a student in the UK and we even had a garage band called the Coloration complete with the haircuts and the high heeled boots, I don't know if we were any good9 unlikely), but I know we were possibly the loudest sound in town at the time. we used to deafen our girlfriends for 24 hours after they came to watch us play.

PBurns said...

Ah music memory road. I have listened to it all, and it all comes around again, doesn't it? Pearl, my other Russell, is named after Janis Joplin.

I am a product of the 70s, that wonderful time after birth control but before AIDS, after marijuana but before crack.

Good times I am told. Wish I could remember more!


Seahorse said...

You just answered a question that came up for me recently. When you first mentioned Pearl (that I saw, at least) I had the impression she was someone else's dog. Recently I wondered if she was yours. Is she older or younger than Mountain? How do the two bitches get along? My two were always somewhat at odds, though they were mother and daughter (or perhaps because they were!).

As for music, I'm old enough to recall the "Summer of Love" though I was young and I don't think anyone called it that until years later. Creedence, The Youngbloods and their ilk ruled a.m. radio in those days. Good stuff!


PBurns said...

Pearl is one of my three, and is about 3 or 4 years younger than Mountain. She the omega in the pack, but to tell you the truth I could put a wolf in the house, and it would not be the alpha; Mountain is a piece of work! That said, the females do squabble, mostly because Mountain is a bitch in every sense of that word.