Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Rich Quick!

Ad from Popular Science, April 1958


retrieverman said...

Those things are a nuisance and half. I was in New Orleans a few years ago, and they were actually offering the meat of the coypu in gourmet restaurants, kind of like how they are selling Eastern gray squirrel meat in the finest restaurants of London now.

I refuse to call them nutria. Nutria is Spanish for otter. And that was the trade name for the coypu's fur. Little did people know that they were wearing a giant rodent's fur when they were buying nutria. They weren't buying some species of otter.

The fur industry has all sorts of wonderful trade names for fur from rather common animals. And nutria is one of them.

Patti said...

The State of Louisiana encouraged famous chefs to offer Nutria in "their gourmet restaurants" as part of the Nutria population control program. If the meat of the animal caught on with the public, hunters & trappers would start targeting them for the restaurant trade (as well as for their own use.)

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