Friday, January 30, 2009

Terrierwork Weights and Measurements

My old $5 fish scale, bought some years back at some forgettable roadside superstore (only the best for me!) was found to be out of true weight a few weeks ago.

Apparently I have been bagging critters a few pounds heavier than I thought. Who knew?

I have gone digital now, and the new scale arrived last night. It will weigh things up to 110 pounds, and it has a very nice hook on one end, so things should be much easier.

I have never weighed my tool kit -- what I actually carry with me out into the field -- and so I took the opportunity to do so now, and it's about what I expected: the pack with shovel, tie outs, water bottles, machete, yoho trowel, snare, leashes, etc., weighs 30 pounds, the digging bar nine pounds, and the posthole digger a little over 12.

All in all, I am going into the field carrying over 50 pounds, which can feel like a quite a bit weight at the end of a long day in the hot sun and after a few digs on the dogs.


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sam said...

I hope you never need to use the full range of that scale! A 110lb fox would be truly terrifying.