Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Please Neuter ...


Mike Spies said...

Patrick -- uncertain as to your motivation on posting this... just stirring the pot?

In California we have spent a lot of effort to defeat the statewide Mandatory Spay and Neuter Bill (Healthy Pets Act!) also know as AB1634. So perhaps my senses are a bit raw.

PBurns said...

No worries Mike. Older readers of this blog know I am firmly against mandatory spay-neuter. See >> http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2007/03/overbreeding-beware-of-simple-answers.html for a post on that,

That said, the sign is damn funny - admit it.

One of the more delicious moments I have had in the world of dogs was when a female veterinarian told me that I should get one of my aging terriers neutered "so he won't have any prostate problems." I got real close to her in a small room and asked her, very calmly, if she had "told her husband" yet. You should have seen her turn a whiter shade of pale quicker and skeedadle, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Sterilization involves many problems .. the animal is male female .. one of the most heard and there is no remedy is the significant increase in weight of the dog with the resulting effort cardiac articular problems of various kinds accordingly to keep the dog in good health and his weight.
You must use a diet
See cost of feed for feeding the dog or cat,

Increase in expenditure for the maintenance of the animals!

Sterilization reduces the instinct, but the dog must be educated to "flock".
The Sterilization makes them a little ' quiet' 50%

For a dog that has to perform certain tasks is evil!

The problem and the education that a person to own dog!

Most veterinarians deny these problems!

Now see sterilization as an important source of income, rather than how to solve a health problem!

We recommend that you do so at least remain the testicles;
if must own! ;)

The vasectomy" E 'a 2-cm incision to the side of the penis, and the hospital' minimum". can 'have her sex life in peace and without problems.;)


PBurns said...

There are ups and downs with castration of male dogs.

Setting aside the issue of progeny, the main down is expense.

For large adults dogs, however there are substantial health risks in castration related to the procedure itself. It's not clear why large adult males have a noticeably high mortality rate from castration, but there it is; it's a fact. Note, that this risk is NOT there if the procedure is done on a very young dog.

On the upside, castration does reduce prostate problems in older dogs, and if your goal is going to the distance, to age 15, castration will help. How much? Maybe only a few months, but that's something, eh?

I cannot speak to herding dogs; all I know is terriers.

With terriers, I have not found that castration puts weight on the dog. Food puts weight on the dog. Feed less and the dog will be fine. Feel the ribs and cut back when the dog is putting any weight on. Skipping a day's feeding never hurt a dog, and for small terriers it's a good practice once a week or so.

What castration WILL do is make a male dog mark less in the house if that has been a problem (never had a problem myself), and it will make some males less likely to go to extreme levels to escape the fence, and it will make some dogs a bit less likely to fight other dogs.

I have NOT found castration makes terriers less game in the field, or that they lose their nose. Ditto with spaying a female, it should be said.

For the record, a male castrated dog CAN tie with a female in heat. The equipment still works; it just got no bullets and is a little less likely to be used.


Gina Spadafori said...

"What castration WILL do is make a male dog mark less in the house if that has been a problem (never had a problem myself)"

Glad to hear it, Patrick. And so, I'm sure, is your wife. :)

And yes, neutered dogs tie bitches in season all the time. This is more likely to happen if male dog was past adolescence at the time of neutering. My old girl Heather, before she was spayed, used to back up to the neutered male retriever. She would torment him something awful, until he did what she wanted.

No harm, no puppies.

PBurns said...

OK, the DOGS have never had a problem. I did *once*, when I was 17 and blind drunk in a house full of plants and all the windows were open. I think I thought I was outside.

One night 33 years ago, and they never let you forget ....