Friday, December 26, 2008

Earthrise 1968

December 24, 1968. Earthrise is captured, for the first time, by astronaut William Anders during Apollo 8, the first manned voyage to the orbit of the Moon.

This photograph changed the way we see ourselves, leading to the entire environmental movement as we know it today.

If you don't think this book was the beginning of the Internet, then you don't know this book.


Seahorse said...

I have, and treasure, this exact photo, autographed by astronaut Frank Borman. My father flew the astronauts on a trip shortly after their return, and got a photo for me. Still awe-inspiring to think that we can access space as we do. I pity those who don't "get" the incredible nature of space flight, especially if they're glued to their cell phones and Wii's instead. Look UP, people...look up.


Smart Dogs said...

I grew up with the Whole Earth Catalog! My parents had one on the coffee table -- and that's probably how I ended up living in a tipi in the late '70s...