Friday, October 17, 2008

Digging on the Dogs

Mr. Raccoon was let go to see another day.

Connie M. from California was down in this neck of the woods, and I took off Thurday to go digging on the dogs with her.

We had a blast: perfect weather, and a nice big raccoon on the first hole. We left the raccoon in the open hole so it could bolt to freedom, and when we returned a few hours later we repaired the den.

The rest of the day we knocked off four groundhogs along the creek bank, with shallows digs in excellent and very friable soil. We crossed back over the creek just as the sun set.

I am off to JRTCA Nationals on Saturday and out for more digging on Sunday.

Groundhogs are a kind of large ground squirrel, and can climb trees.

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DogTwitterer ( said...

We have a family of raccoons in our Toronto backyard. My Scottie is dying to have at them. They excite her far more than squirrels and cats but I'm not sure why.
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