Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moonshine Will Set You Free

Moonshine will set you free, but only if you put it in your car, motorcycle, or tractor, and only if you grow your own "fixings" on your own land.

For those interested in producing their own alcohol for fuel, this rig is the one you want. See the other little beauties on this site as well -- true works of art. And please, don't drink and drive.



Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooooo! I LOVE THIS SITE! The guy has an essential oil distiller -- I've wanted one of those for years -- with 35 antique rose bushes at the community garden, I've wanted to make my own rose oil forever!

Y'all can make all the moonshine you want - the REAL money in agriculture is in Rose Oil -- check this out:

Rose Alba Essential Oil 3.3oz$3,675.08

I've got FOUR huge Albas! And the "regular" rose oil is barely less at $2,846.25

Patrick, I love you, but my husband took one look at those prices and is definately using your name in vain a lot right now! ;-D


PBurns said...

If all you want to do is rose oil, I can tell you how to do that: A simple reflux tower with petroleum ether as the solvent (at least that's what I used to use when making something entirely different). You can use a simple copper coil and a water bath and use a large balloon at the top as a pressure relief valve. Google "reflux tower" and some aging hippie has no doubt put the whole thing on the internet.

The thing about moonshine production is that you want a system that is clean (no lead) and you want something designed to handle mash, repeated cleaning, and will not knock over easily. The link supplied give you true works of art. And for art you pay.


Chas S. Clifton said...

I had some excellent moonshine in your fair state last week, but the friend who shared it said it was made in North Carolina. At any rate, it benefited me more than my rented Ford Fusion.