Monday, June 09, 2008

Because Throwing a Ball is Too Much Like Work

$500 and designed for dogs up to 30 pounds. Of course, a leash for the dog and a pair of sneakers for you will do the same thing, and both you and the dog will benefit.

Of course, if you have 30 Jack Russells, maybe this is the thing for that particular problem.


AmyPinSeattle said...

Right this minute I have 8 JRTs and 2 Mini Schnauzers (which are really JRTs in disguise)...I could SOOOO use one of these!

I can't even take all of them to the dog park...3 is doable, 4 is pushing the limit, and any more and I would be in the crazy house.

Since the majority of the dogaroos are fosters, I have a huge problem with many of them...they don't know how to play, they don't know how to go for a walk...they don't know to go potty outside!

Add to the fact that it's always raining and rather chilly (55 for a high in the last few days), I could so use this to get rid of some energy so that we COULD go for a walk.

I also think someone needs to invent a dog sled for JRTs...They have a TON of power for their little bodies!

Alas, this won't even make it on my wish list...because it's full of dog food, toys, and treats! If only I was ubber wealthy...well, then I guess I would have a huge pasture around the house, securly fenced in with 6' wood fence and a hot wire around the bottom...and top!

Amy in Seattle

Heather said...

Dunno about the bitty-sized one here, but a quality human exercise treadmill can be *great* for gently and gradually rehabbing a dog from injury. Or obesity, as I did with one abusively-overfed dog I got for foster.

They are also helpful when the human is injured or incapacitated and can't properly exercise the dog.

Like crates -- wonderful tool in its place, a problem if used as a substitute for the "real thing" because of owner laziness.

YesBiscuit! said...

This is a case of owner bias because I can not stand treadmills myself (think 'gerbil') so I can't picture a dog being happy on one either. Maybe if I saw a dog getting as excited in anticipation of the treadmill as they do when I get the tennis ball in hand, I might change my mind.

Caveat said...

Treadmills are very popular with people who show dogs or play agility and flyball.

They are great for short-haired dogs who don't do well in winter. The ice, and especially the salt, are hard on the feet.

They are effective for high-energy dogs in areas without leash-free parks or other safe places to run - you know, those pesky dog-hating jurisdictions. The same goes for urban dog owners who may live in complex housing.

I've never used or felt the need for one myself but I can certainly see their utility for certain owners, especially those with multiple dogs that are medium to large.

Pai said...

You want lazy, check this out.

Yes, people do that for real. Mostly in rural areas. You will occasionally hear stories of people running over their own dogs doing this as well.

Nightmare said...

Pai, there are plenty of people who roadwork their dogs with a vehicle, and they do it properly, with one person driving and the other at the open back of the vehicle with the dog(s). That person in your pic is just an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I've seen rural people do exactly as Pai's picture illustrates. My Welsh ancestors settled in Green County, PA (the actual southwest corner of PA) so I've been there off and on since I was 3 months old.

While none of MY relatives do such a thing, I've seen far too many overweight Green County residents take their dogs out on the non-paved mountain roads, exactly as the picture shows. Drives me BONKERS, especially these folks could easily avoid knee replacement surgery if they would JUST LEAVE THE CAR AT HOME AND WALK WITH THEIR DOG ALREADY!!!!!

This is why I have no guilt about having a BC in town -- we can walk everywhere we need to go and we do it together every day!