Monday, May 19, 2008

Beijing Fast Food at the Olympics

Check out the whole scene here (PDF).

So which of these delightul appetizers would you try first? Silk worms? Vulture Schnizel? Grilled Snake? Dog liver with vegetables? Goat lung with red peppers? Dug beetles? Scorpions? Cicadas? Lizard legs? Seahorses?

I think I'd try the goat lungs with red peppers and the snake; I'm just not a sea food kind of guy.

Bugs? Well I used to ride a motorcycle, so I guess I've had a few.


Anonymous said...

No Melamine in this food? No wonder they wouldn't give a hoot about poisoning out pets!

Anonymous said...

Deep fried just abou anything tastes good... but I always worry about those stands in Beijing (and elsewhere in China): you really never know how long the goods have been on display.