Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillary Supporters Try Race-Baiting to Victory

Here's an interesting fact: Since the start of the primary season, Barack Obama has never been behind in delegates.

He has never been behind in the popular vote.

He has never been behind in the state-win count.

And Barack Obama keeps racking them up.

CNN is now reporting the story I told you Saturday, which is that Texas is, in fact, a WIN for Obama.

Barack also won Wyoming by 20 points on Saturday, and he won Mississippi by about 24 points tonight

So what has Hillary's response been to all this?

To tell the truth, she has grown increasingly irrational. By twists and turns she has praised Obama, and threatened him, thrown mud on him and then set herself out as the arbiter of what is clean and proper political discourse. She has said Obama is not fit to be Commander in Chief, and then she has turned around and said she would welcome him as a Vice President.

What is going on here? Does Hillary have Alzheimer's? Is she clinically insane?

Bill Bradley simply chalks it up to mass delusion on the part of the Clinton team. "The bigger the lie, the better the chance they think they’ve got. That’s been their whole approach" he told the Times of London.

To his credit, Barack has not fired back. He has only laughed.

How, he has wondered, can the second place candidate be offering the Vice Presidential slot to the first place candidate? It's like offering to sell the American people a bridge you do not own.

But, of course, Hillary thinks she might be able to get away with it, because she thinks the American people are really stupid.

She thinks she can lie with impunity. She thinks she can have her surrogates race-bait, doctor photos, and spread lies.

Today, Clinton surrogate and treasurer Geraldine Ferraro actually said Barack Obama was only doing well in the race because he's black. Ms. Ferraro says Barack is "very lucky to be who he is."



Of all the candidates in the world, a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama was sure to get a leg up over anyone named Clinton, who had her ex-President-husband ready to campaign for her, and who The Washington Post, only 9 months ago, told us was the "inevitable" candidate.


In American, being black has always been the ticket to the Oval Office (cough cough).

Having a funny last name that rhymes with "Osama" and that has "Hussein" as a middle name chaser is a double blessing. Yes-siree-bob, that's a sure-fire recipe to unearned power and wealth in America.

What luck. What unearned and entirely accidental ... luck.

Geraldine Ferraro: What a moron. A racist moron. A friend of Hillary.

Now the question is a simple one: Will Hillary repudiate and denounce Geraldine Ferraro?

That, after all, seems to be the test she demands of others.

If Hillary fails to do so, can we reasonably assume that she is giving a big thumbs-up to continued race-baiting?

Can we assume this is a Hillary Clinton-sanctioned campaign tactic?

After all, Ms. Ferraro is not just a private citizen; she is a key member of Hillary Clinton's Finance Committee.

The not-so-subtle message of Ms. Ferraro, is that she was entitled to higher office. Never mind her failed candidacy for Vice President. Never mind her twice-failed candidacy for Senate. She is owed. She should be up there, not Barack.

And if not her, then Hillary Clinton. Can't these idiotic voters see that??!! Hillary is entitled!

If all this sound laughable, then be advised that this is no laughing matter. The anger that this older, shoulder-padded cohort of women feels, is very real.

And the situation has not been made better because a woman is losing out to a black guy.

In fact, it's worse. A black guy??!!

Sure he's smart -- brilliant really. And yes, he's had a life packed with accomplishment, and his speeches are inspirational, and yes he is as emotionally stable as a rock, and yes he does know the issues front and back .... But how could America choose a black guy over Hillary? I mean COME ON, he's a BLACK GUY. Can't you see that America? He's a schvatza, a nigger, a jigaboo, a jungle bunny. He's no different that Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton, or OJ Simpson.

And to remind us of what is at stake, Hillary and her aggrieved campaign workers show us this marvelous old-school "3 am" ad with beautiful blond children sleeping soundly in their bed.

And the subtext is not subtle if you are a communications professional: Do you want a black man named Barack Hussein Obama in the house taking care of these children?

Or do you want Nanny Hillary there, her glasses on, reading a smart bit of non-fiction in an over-stuffed chair, a glass of warm milk at the ready and the night light on?

Chose or lose people. And remember your children. Those beautiful blond children.

But of course, God is a comic, and so it turns out that those beautiful blond children are grown up now.

It turns out that Hillary's staff went out and bought 10-year old stock footage off-the-rack in order to make the campaign commercial.

And, best of all, it turns out that the little girl in the television spot -- still very blond and beautiful -- is now a precinct captain for Barack Obama's campaign. And she has not been shy about telling the media how "low brow" the Clinton commercial is, and that she wishes her image were not being used like that.

Did I not tell you that God was a comic?

There is enough irony here to start a nail factory.

And then, to top it all off, it turns out that the American people are not quite as stupid as Hillary had hoped.

Despite all the sturm und drang evinced by the press corps, Obama has always been ahead in the race this election season.

Always ahead. But no one told you, did they? Not once.

But Barack has always known. And because he has known, he has not been too quick to come out swinging against Hillary.

Why should he? Remember, he is so far ahead of Hillary right now that she cannot catch up.

For Barack, the game at this point is not about beating Hillary; she is already beaten.

The game ahead is to prove to the American people that he is a different kind of candidate for the 21st Century.

Yes, Barack will defend himself, and yes Hillary may slip and fall in the mud she is throwing. A judo move or two may yet be seen.

But Barack Obama will not play to base emotions. He is not going to call us to be smaller, meaner, and uglier. He is not going to try to shave the dice and cheat.

He is going to call us to be better than we have been. He is going to act like we are smart and assume that we are fair.

If Hillary Clinton or John McCain want to provide comfort and solace to the racists, the war-mongers, and the fear-mongers, then he will cede that ground to them. And they can offer shelter and sanctuary to the liars and cheaters as well.

They can have that sordid country, and rule it as king and queen.

The rest of us, Barack Obama is pretty sure, will seek still waters and green pastures.

That is what Barack is offering.

And so far, that is what we are buying.



Vigilante said...

One of the reasons why Barack Obama was right when he observed that the Republicans had the big ideas in the 1980's is because Democrats had so many small-minded leaders, like Geraldine Ferraro, at the head of their party.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is not new territory for Ferraro:

This is a test for Senator Clinton. Let's see if she passes. Honestly, I'd be shocked if Ferraro was still part of the campaign for more than a few days.

San Antonio

Laura said...

Would somebody PLEASE give the MSM and the super delegates a crash course in 9th grade mathematics?

Clinton now has to win ALL of the remaining nominating contests by an average margin of 28 percentage points -- a 64% to 36% split -- just to catch up to Obama's pledged delegate total. Short of a SpitzerGate level scandal, this is NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

All Clinton is accomplishing by dragging this thing out with her despicable tactics is hurting the Democrats' chances in November. McCain has no bigger ally right now than the Clinton Attack Machine.

Super delegates, please, make this mess go away. Do the right thing for the Party, and our nation, and endorse Obama.

Caveat said...

It's funny, but I don't think of Obama as 'black'. I just think of him as very bright and as a cool customer who is good at strategy while retaining class - which he emanates. Then some media gasbag reminds me he's 'black', as if it matters.

What's the deal with Clinton? Is it all about her having power or is it about getting rid of the existing corrupt crew and regaining the tarnished reputation of the country? Is it about 'look at me' or about coming up with ideas that will help the American people, many of whom are in dire need of a new vision for the US.

If she had one quarter the class of Obama, she'd admit that despite giving it a good run, she doesn't have the traction and can't win. She'd throw her support behind Obama and let the party get on with raising money to defeat the GOP in November, rather than prolonging the inevitable outcome.

I admire her tenacity but unless something almost impossible happens, she's out.

MsShad said...

For the record, the blond girl in the commercial does NOT say she wishes they weren't using her clip. She SAID in her own words, had you listened to the clip you provided, that she didn't mind at all ... she rather enjoyed the irony.

It's so easy to misconstrue the things people say to suit their own purposes. I hate that when it happens.

Came upon your blog via the terrior thing. I've got 2 mutts that everyone tells me are some sort of terrior-mix.

Enjoy the animal stuff. I'll know now to skip the political stuff.

For the record ... I honestly don't know who I prefer - Obama or Clinton.

PBurns said...

Here's what she says, and I very clearly got it right:

“But I felt bad that my image was being used in this fear-mongering message.”

Asked her views on Hillary, she said: “Don’t get me wrong I really admire Senator Clinton - as a woman she’s a big inspiration. I really respect her.

“But I don’t think this ad was the most classy move on her part - I thought it was kind of a low-brow kind of move. I’m not a big fan of the ad or the tactic."


I think we can saftely say that "feeling bad" they are using her image and calling it a "low brow" kind of move tells you sue wishes they weren't using her. Of course, she has no legal action as her parents sold her image rights when she was age 8.
For the source of the quotes, see >>