Wednesday, February 27, 2008

George W. Bush: Shiny New Happy Hunter


A fun old Saturday Night Live parody of George W. Bush as a hunter. Poor Dad!

For a related picture, check out the shiny new hunting outfit that George W. Bush is wearing in this 1994 picture (below) where he is "filling out paperwork" for a photo-op dove shoot near Houston.

Hmmm. Is "filling out paperwork" a euphemism for getting a license, or is it a euphemism for paying the $130 fine for illegally shooting a killdeer that same day? The New York Times article about the hunt notes that Bush was using a borrowed 20-gauge, but that he claimed he hunted "all the time." In those clothes? With a borrowed gun?




Heather said...

Reminds me of the Animal Planet show about coonhounds.

The new owner of the UKC -- a former ACK veep and Madison Ave. adman -- had to get hisself in front of the cameras in good ol' boy drag. There he was at a "coon hunt" decked out in a set of Carharts that were, well, as new and shiny as Carharts can be. They sure had never seen the underside of a tractor or the inside of a swamp. Neither had his manicure.

That was years ago -- bet those Carharts still have a crease.

I agree that it will be refreshing to have a presidential campaign where neither candidate plays Elmer Fudd for the cameras. That's just embarrassing, and I wonder who it fools. Maybe the guys whose predator bona fides are limited to watching antler porn on the Outdoor Channel -- Laz-E-Boy sportsmen.

jdege said...

As I understand it, it was Ann Richards who started the annual Texas dove hunt and photo shoot - part of her effort to hide her anti-gun record.