Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Royal Society for the Preservation of ...

The point of this humorously titled site is a simple one: all things need to be managed, and that includes pigeons.

To which I would add rats, groundhogs, white tail deer, wild pigs ... and at certain times and locations such other animals as beaver, snapping turtle, fox, raccoon, elk, coyotes, bear, alligator, etc.

Control is not about eradication, of course, but about time, place, and number. All things in moderation, etc.

This is a terrific site and it is not really "anti-pigeon." In fact, in some ways, this web site is a celebration of the fecundity and adaptiveness of the pigeon. No wonder Darwin loved them so!

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jdege said...

All the world seems in tune on a spring afternoon...

PBurns said...

Ah the classic songs! The kids today do not seem to know them. The great Tom Lehrer still lives on at Youtube however. See >> however.

He even mentions the Audubon Society, LOL.