Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Make Millions Milking Mice!

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Wow! What a great idea! Raise pet mice, milk them, and sell mouse milk for $10,0000 a quart!

Apparently you ranch mice for milk them just like dairy cattle, with a feed bunk and everything (though it seems the milking stool might be a wee smaller than standard).

Mice breed really fast too, so there should be no problem getting enough mice to milk.

Plus think how low your refrigeration costs are going to be.

What could go wrong with the scheme? Nothing!

So what is mouse milk for? Research!

It turns out that milk from white mice causes breast cancer in mice, but milk from black mice does not.

A special offer for readers of this blog: If you start a mouse milk ranch right now, and can guarantee a gallon of mouse milk a week, I think I can hook you up with Heather Mills -- Paul McCartney's ex-wife, who is looking for a steady supplier of rodent milk. I think she may be willing to do product endorsement as well!

Article from the December 1947 issue of Popular Mechanix. .


Anonymous said...

200 years of PA Dutch farmers in the bloodline can help one rationalize growing almost anything, but on milking the mice, I got nothing!

(Okay, once I got over the shock, I kept expecting the article to mention speciality cheese for big bucks -- I have obviously been in agriculture way too long!)


Tiger said...

Who wants to bet that these get rich quick schemes are the direct result of the seller trying to get rich off the get rich scheme of someone else's creation that went bust within six weeks of trying?

Pyramid scams?

I think what we have here is a chain scam. One link following after the other.

P. T. Barnum was right after all wasn't he?

*serene smile*