Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great Moments in Bad Victorian Taxidermy

The collection at this terrific taxidermy
site is really quite amazing. Check it out.

The photo, above, is from a display of the work of A.S. Hutchinson of Derby, and is labeled "Badger and Jack Russell Terrier."

I confess to being confused by this particular display. Is that a baby badger? Or is it (perhaps) a full-sized badger and a very poorly taxidermied hound?

Hard to tell, but something is not right. Either the badger is a baby (i.e. a very young 10-pound badger), or else the dog is too large for real work..


Tiger said...

Dog: I'm not going to fit...

Badger: It ... gets bigger the further you go in?

owen said...

I took the image of that case you feature. The Terrier is normal sized but the Badger is small. The rationale is the victorians would have been limited for space. This case is already 4 feet long so a bit of artistic licence has been provided. The Terrier is actually really well mounted, not like the image really