Monday, January 28, 2008

Getting Free of Terrorists & Dependency is Job One

Only 130 years ago, no one used gasoline for anything.

Peter Colby of Rye, N.H. asked Barack Obama:

“If you could make one change in the world, enact one piece of legislation — one thing, that’s all you’re going to get through in your presidency — what would it be?”

After thinking it over for a few seconds, Obama replied:

“I would enact a bold energy policy because I think that we could save so much money, engineer such a resurgence in our economy and solve climate change all at one time. And it would improve our national security posture. So you get a three-fer. It helps our environment, our economy and our national security, and it would free up resources over time to deal with what I think is the most important domestic issue which is health care, and I think it would help us strategically on the international stage.”

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Matt Mullenix said...

Anonymous said...

Right, that is a no brainer. We have always known we were on borrowed time with fossil fuel. It should have been a hedge while a global effort was made to find a long term source of fuel. Not fuel as we know it now but energy of a magnitudes difference. Possibly fusion but more likely something we don't have a clue exists yet. It says volumes about politics and big oil that this was ignored and suppressed. Bush-Dick paid lip service to it but they were bought and paid for by big oil to squeeze max profit from the declining reserves. There still is no true effort to find replacements. Trillions are\were spent on military research that should have been directed to energy. The world would have been much safer for it. We are now on the cusp of energy wars that may set us back for a 100 years, if not forever. Obama sees the dangers but it may take a crisis much worse than 911 for him to fight the entrenched interests holding us hostage to fossil fuels.

Does this qualify as a rant? ;)