Friday, January 11, 2008

How Many Dogs Did PETA Kill in 2006?

Bill S. sent me the latest PETA shelter data for 2006.

For those who don't know, the PETA runs a notorious kill shelter in Norfolk, Virginia where for many years they have done nothing to encourage adoption, and instead marched almost every dog that was not claimed by an owner into the gas chamber.

Not content to kill nearly every dog that enters their building and that is not claimed within a few days, PETA actually sends its young zombie adherents out to other shetlers in Virginia and North Carolina in order to round up more dogs to kill. What do they tell the shelters they are visiting? That they are going to "rescue" and "rehome" the dogs! What do they really do? They kill them on the side of the road and dump their bodies into dumpsters on their way home. Sound unbelievable? Read the stories here, here, here and here. Of course these dogs never make it into PETA's stastics data -- data that is only reported because it is required by the State of Virginia.

In 2006, PETA took in 1030 dogs surrendered by owners and 11 strays, with 2 dogs carrie over from the last few days of the previous year. A total of 25 dogs were transferred to other facilities, 8 dogs were adopted out, and 988 were euthanized.

For those who want a short cut to the math, that means PETA killed 95 percent of the dogs admitted to their shelter, transferred 4 percent to somewhere else, and adopted out less than 1 percent. Of the remaining 6 dogs, three "died in the facility" (unexplained) and three others are mysteriously allocated to "miscellaneous," which may mean their disposition was rolled over into the next calendar year.

Total count: Since 1998, PETA's Norfolk "shelter" alone has killed 17,400 pets.

Penn & Teller wear leather and fur while eating meat and explaining what PETA is really about. Just the facts ma'am.



BorderWars said...

Thanks for the link to the VA official report. I read the CCF press release last night but, of course, the CCF is an industry puppet lobby group so it's very nice to have the actual data in hand.

I think I'll go drink some milk, eat some eggs and bacon in my leather jacket and play with all the puppies I just bred... and think happy thoughts about the day when PeTA goes extinct.

Laura V said...

Since I know I wondered -- there are a bunch of links out there to adoption rate stats from a variety of states & shelters.

Here are some from Atlanta-area shelters in 2005:

They're hard to read, unfortunately, but even the highest kill rate for all Atlanta-area shelters doesn't reach PETA's rate. If you compare only dogs (cats have a much higher kill rate), it's even more stark.