Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coffee and Provocation

The Dog-li-ness blog reports that "The American Kennel Club, desperate to boost their revenues, is considering starting a new club for mutts (possibly named the All American Dog Club), so they can collect registration fees from even more dog owners." Check it out! More on the same topic at the Pet Connection blog, here and here.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News blog gives us the money shot of haggis for Robert Burns Day. Bobbie was a great man, yes he was. Read his poem about The Twa Dogs. Luath, by the way, was the name of Robert Burns' own dog.

The Camera Trap Codger continues to post jaw-dropping pictures. Check out the recent picture of a cougar. Amazing. What a country we live in. Take a minute also to check out The Game Camera Logbook for more great camera trap tips and shots. God bless America, land that I love.

The Lassie Get Help blog has a nice post on what happened to the Michael Vick's dogs. Good news here; check it out.

A ten-year-old doing surgery on your dog? Right. But check it out -- video from CNN.

Finally, what kind of bird is this? I have flipped through Sibley's and cannot find it, but it is familiar. I feel stupid (again). This is a public cry for help! That's the first step to recovery, right?


kabbage said...

Center for Consumer Freedom is asking the state of Virginia to reclassify PETA from "humane society" and "releasing agent" to "slaughterhouse" because of the 97% kill rate last year. See press release at

John Carlson said...

Hi Patrick,
They are both Tufted Titmouse (Titmice?).

eli said...

I have always maintained that ignorance is a correctable condition, stupidity is an affectation - stupid you are not. These are Tufted Tit-mice - they hang with our group of finches, nuthatches, buntings, and chikadees, cavort about in like manner, and will become quite trusting - North-central Tennessee

PBurns said...

I'm very familiar with tufted titmice, but I have several good pictures of these smooth-headed birds with no apparent tuft, and too much white on their front, especially around the eye. It could be an immature tufted titmouse I suppose. Probably is.

Between sexual variations, regional variation, and maturity variations, birds can give me a headache. A titmouse is not too interesting. I was hoping for interesting. Or tasty.


Katie said...

I'm glad to see that CNN no longer has their headline with that kid as a "Veterinarian" the way they did earlier. *eyeroll* I can't imagine why a vet would allow a kid like that in their facility. She may have the book knowledge that comes from an online course, but there's a whole lot more involved than that. If something went wrong during a surgery on my own pet and I found out there was a ten-year-old kid scrubbed in?? It wouldn't be pretty.

gabboon said...

yes, it is a tufted titmouse. They raise and lower their crest at will.

PBurns said...

Works for me. Damn flat head though, eh?